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The ultimate 4 part series delivered direct to your inbox in an ONLINE format that guides you through the cancer journey and explores what it takes to create truly extraordinary outcomes.

Discover the comprehensive, holistic, metabolic approach to cancer care that Eddie has developed as a result of the culmination of all of his personal experiences as a 3 TIME CANCER SURVIVIOR, as well as his professional experience working with hundreds of cancer patients over the last 15 years in clinical practice and some of the best teachers and mentors on the planet. His approach delivers everything you need to be supported on your healing journey towards extraordinary outcomes.

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My Mission

My mission is to raise public awareness about the devastating impact that stress can have on your health, happiness, healing, and your life. I am committed to educating and empowering individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to break the multi-generational nature of trauma and stress so they can live life to their full potential.

– Eddie Enever

Health, happiness, healing and stress


about me

Hi, I’m Eddie,
I am passionate about living a life full of meaning and purpose by authentically relating and sharing my knowledge with those who are inspired to experience healing, greater happiness and wellbeing in their lives.

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in life. I’ve battled with cancer and survived not once, but three times, struggled with anxiety and depression, experienced a marriage break up, and financial demise. I not only survived but now thrive living a life full of deep connection, meaning and purpose.

My personal mission is to raise awareness about the impact that stress can have on all aspects of our lives. I am committed to educating and empowering individuals and their families with skills to understand and overcome the effects of stress and trauma, so they can experience their fullest potential.

As an experienced Naturopath, my special area of interest is in cancer and chronic disease coaching. I have developed a children’s mindfulness program called Mindful Monkeez and as a business coach and mentor, I support health professionals to have an even greater impact. I also teach meditation and breathwork and founded CSRT (Cold-Stress Resilience Training) where I share tools to deal with stress and build resilience in an icebath!

After working with thousands of clients in my role as a health professional, I’ve developed a unique way of seeing past the facades, drawing out blockages, perceptions and limiting belief systems and empowering you to discover your own unique gifts, talents, and power to change your life.

Whether you are experiencing challenges with your physical, mental and emotional health, feeling “stuck” in some aspect of your life, or want to be a stronger, better version of yourself, I can expertly guide you on your journey to experiencing the life you want to live.
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