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In March 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer and within days underwent major surgery to remove a portion of the colon that harboured the main tumour. My prognosis was fairly grim – intensive chemo (3 days every fortnight) for the rest of my life estimated to be around 2 years. The other option was to do nothing and life expectancy was to be about 6 months.

After reading up on nutritional oncology on the internet I decided to refuse chemo because at my age of 67 years I really didn’t think my body could survive the ravages of intensive treatment. It was a difficult and confusing time – much uncertainty, not knowing what to do or where to turn to for advice.

Whilst searching the internet I came across the website of Edward Enever – naturopath, cancer coach and practitioner of the Nori Protocol treatment method. Following my first consultation with Edward and after he had explained the way the Nori Protocol worked, I felt for the first time a sense of comfort and reassurance that I was on the right track.

In the last 6 months, I have found Edward to be not only extremely knowledgeable on health and treatment issues, but very empathetic, easily accessible for advice and always happy to explain matters. He has taught me to not fear cancer and also educated me on relaxation meditation techniques. He’s a rare talent.

More importantly, I have enjoyed a quality of life I didn’t think was possible 6 months ago. I have now so much energy and absolutely no side effects from the Nori Protocol. My recent blood tests show there is no general inflammation in the body, no inflammation in the major organs and my blood cancer markers have been coming down and are within the normal range. To be pain free and feeling fit has been for me and my family a wonderful and unexpected bonus. The dietary regime has also provided some extra improvements to my general health.

I know it is still early days and nothing can be taken for granted, but looking to the future I am going forward – not with fear, but quietly confident of the efficacy of the treatment I’m undergoing. Regardless of what transpires in the future – I am more than happy with my decision.

Peter S, Parkwood WA – September 2016

I've been seeing Eddie for 6 months now and have to say he has been a great support. Since my cancer journey began (nearly 5 years ago) I've met numerous doctors, naturopaths and many other specialists. Eddie is by far one of the most empathetic and extremely knowledgeable individuals to date. He understands the financial, emotional and physical stresses that a cancer diagnosis brings. He's not all about making money off the sick and desperate, he actually cares! Highly recommend his services.

P.Gill, Perth

Last November 2015 I flew into Australia for medicals and found I had a PSA of 1120 with fully metastasised cancer. I eventually met Edward Enever who guided me through the Nori protocol.

Eddie, has walked the walk as well and experienced horrendous cancer issues and overcome them all. His guidance for me was immeasurable and the calmness in his approach settled me down and gave me the confidence and knowledge to heal myself. I credit Eddie for giving me the tools to live a healthy, fit and peaceful life, thank you Eddie.

John Coy, Perth

I met Edward a few weeks back after being recommend to see him from another friend. When you find out you have that c word (cancer) your mind goes into a flip and state of fear. With what the medical people told me I was even more worried about treatment. I was able to cry and unload at Edward, who then was so compassionate and understanding. He explained it all to me in simple words and made a life changing time seem not bleak. As I was unsure of what to do and what way to turn I now have a wonderful cancer coach helping me alongside the doctor's to beat this with a higher success rate, positive mindset and stress free. Now for any other health issues I would be contacting Edward myself for further advice. A gentle, knowledgeable man who doesn't make you feel like you’re just a number in the health industry and you’re on a time limit with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for yourself or family members.

Karen Glossop, Perth

You just know when you meet one of life's true healers...... When I first found Edward, I was desperate for some direction to help me with my health. Having been diagnosed many years ago with two autoimmune diseases that caused me a myriad of often debilitating symptoms, which, eventually saw me lose my fitness, gain weight, give up my career and my home, I had spent years trying to cope and heal myself. Though I was a living on a wholesome diet and trying many other ways to heal, I just didn't seem to be making any great headway and despite my efforts and strong will, my symptoms got worse. There were days I could hardly walk and when my gut was so inflamed that even a mouthful of food would send me into a week of gut pain, extreme bloating and toilet dependency.

The first thing Edward did was hear my story with a genuinely down to earth and compassionate ear. Communication was always easy and I got a real sense of Edward's dedication and knowledge. We discussed my situation in great depth and then Edward came up with a comprehensive game plan. It was presented to me in the form of a detailed booklet compiled by Edward where all my health issues were discussed. I finally felt like I had a sense of direction and a feeling of support like I'd not felt in all my years of attending medical appointments. With every appointment with Edward, I listened eagerly and would go home and follow Edwards suggestions to the letter. I still have a way to go but I am happy to say that already, my pain is less and the unhealthy relationship with my toilet is a past memory. Woohoo! Edward is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Edward, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can't wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance.

F.S - Perth

Three years ago I met Edward for the first time after a long frustrating, futile journey seeking an answer from other healthcare providers which included seven medical doctors and specialists as well as four other naturopaths. After all this ‘toing and froing’ my doctor’s final conclusion was to suggest psychological assessment. When I met with Edward I suffered a multitude of symptoms that included severe headaches, fatigue, memory problems, mental fog, bloating, IBS, lack of the ability to concentrate, need for close toilet proximity, muscle weakness, dry skin, rashes and boils, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, giddiness, loss of balance, loss of confidence in improvement, thoughts of self-harm and the debilitating feelings of no light at the end of the tunnel.

This lack of health made it impossible to conduct paid work, I was unreliable for meeting appointments and goals, it impaired the quality of relationships with my spouse and friends and I couldn’t even partake in my passion for the game of golf where I couldn’t last three holes even though I was determined to finish and just played painfully slow and scored poorly. After seeing all these numerous doctors and naturopaths I felt there was no prospect of improvement. I felt that their aims were to just treat isolated symptoms without regard for any underlying cause. I was in despair at the thought of having these symptoms for the rest of my life and had considered ending it all by other means.

By chance I came across Edward and he helped me to see that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. He was the only one out of all of the specialists, doctors and naturopaths that I had seen that actually had a true understanding of how the body worked and how to treat the body to bring about a whole body improvement. He provided me with an in depth questionnaire to fill out before I was to see him for the first time and within 20 seconds had isolated a major issue with my health.

In 2000 I had had my thyroid removed and was place on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. My doctors had been happy with my thyroid hormone levels as they were all “within normal limits’ yet Edward could plainly see that in my physical, mental and emotional reality things were not nearly “normal”. Edward provided much advice but in particular he advised me to revisit my GP and ask to switch my thyroid medication. From this point my life and health started to turn around. I can now play 27 holes of golf, I can eat out and not suffer the debilitating consequences I had experienced in the past but, most importantly, I now have a life where I know that the future is a lot brighter than the one of the past.

R.H - Glen Forrest

My First introduction to Edward was via a friend of a friend, Lani Lopez who is a well-known Naturopath in NZ. We met up via a skype call and from that meeting I was introduced to Nori, this was a game changer for me as I was entering into the very unknown world of dealing with a life threatening Cancer diagnosis, (advanced Prostate cancer @ 51yrs old) this was always going to be someone else’s problem and was never going to happen to me.

The alternative world of health was not new to me as I was brought up together with my 3 sisters by very health wise parents - however the next stage of my “Ca Fight Club” was all new and very unknown. I had completed hundreds of hours of research and as we all well know the internet can provide any answer you are looking for, but this does not provide all the answers or necessarily a confidant plan.

I read through the Nori Protocol many times and each time picked up something additional, and all this made very clear sense on top of what I had already learnt. I have now been on the Nori Protocol for more than 9 months (starting in June of 2016), the first few cycles were difficult to adjust to however once in the “Ca Fight Club” you do what you need to do. I have had many interactions with Edward via Skype/email etc and his supportive approach together with his in-depth knowledge in the Cancer area has assisted me greatly with my Journey, I have bounced many ideas and questions to/from Edward and his answers and suggestions have helped pave a way forward for me, not only giving me confidence in my chosen approach but giving some factual data from which to build on.

The Nori approach not only gave me hope and a way forward, it opened the Door to a whole new area, this together with a structured process, gave me confidence to accept my journey forward and help form my “Ca Fight Club” from which I have full confidence and knowledge that Cancer is certainly life threatening and unfortunately in many circumstances life ending. I have learnt there is no one answer and no magic Silver Bullet- but a combined approach can deliver an outcome that can be life changing in a manageable/ sustainable way.

My journey integrated the Nori Protocol combined with a 5 Month intense round of Chemo Cycles, along with an intense supplement and Ozone plan, all of which helped gain a pleasing round of results from my last Full body CT scan.

My Cancer Journey is far from over, however I have a way forward,

Thank you Edward for assisting greatly in my “Ca Fight Club”

Sincerely Brian Lorigan

Hi Edward,

I met you a couple of weeks ago at your office in Highgate. At the time I had been in Hospital for two weeks and was having surgery the following day to remove a growth from my brain after suffering a stroke.

The surgery went well and I have been told that there is no cancer and I should make a full recovery.

I was so grateful that I managed to see you before my operation as you gave me a chance to identify issues in my life that I had failed to address before.

I realised how I keep busy constantly so that I never have time to be alone with my thoughts.

You also gave me hope at a time when I was feeling uncertain about the future and what to do next.

I’ve had many long hours to think about what I need to do differently so that I can find peace and happiness in my life.

I will continue to juice, eat well and look after my body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for showing me that all things are possible! I am so grateful that I met you as you have changed my life for the better!

Kindest regards,

Annette Rose

Being diagnosed with NHL Lymphoma just before Christmas 2018 was a life changing event for myself and family. I always had in my mind that natural therapies would form part of my program. Where to turn to for help was the next challenge.

After a meeting with yourself i felt comfortable that you could assist me. Your understanding of cancer from personal experience, of natural therapies and their uses and positive manner left me with a great deal of comfort. You guided me through the minefield of options available.

Your tailored program gave me confidence and set my mind in the right direction to helping my body fight the cancer. With your advice on diet, meditation and lifestyle changes i felt armed and ready. Your supporting role in my journey has been greatly appreciated. I believe your assistance and program enhanced my recovery as we conquered my cancer.

I thoroughly recommend you and your services.

Thanking you so much, God Bless.

I have been working with Edward and doing the "My Hero's Journey" Cancer Program for 12 months now and WOW how different my life is!

Prior to finding Ed and his program, I had been on the treatment merry-go-round for 2 years. 2 years of consistent chemo give or take a few 3 week breaks when my body couldn't take it or I had "had enough"

I finally reached my tipping point 1 year ago when I mustered the strength to say "No" to chemo. My body was in the worst shape of my life and I knew my life had to be something more than existing just so I could have my next chemo every 3 weeks.

I wanted to stop chemo for a long time but had so many doubts and lacked the self belief that the program would work for me. The "what if's" tortured my thinking. I set up an initial appointment with Ed and I knew after speaking with him I was on the right path - he totally gets it!! All the thoughts and emotions we are plagued with he understands. I felt like I was talking with a close friend.

I set myself a small goal of doing the program for 3-6 months and though it wouldn't make much difference. I jumped on board and I watched the magic happen! It sounds so cliche but the blood tests don't lie and mine just kept improving and my cancer markers were dropping!

I have had 2 scans in 12 months and have stayed stable the whole time...with no chemo!!

I haven't been perfect on the program and have "fell off the wagon" here and there....I just keep coming back to my why...why I am doing the program (for my beautiful family) and I do not want to die at age 45!!

Ed is amazingly supportive and knowledgable and has helped me understand so much about my thought processes and self belief issues. I cannot imagine doing the program through anyone else.

NF, Woodvale, Perth

I first met Eddie in 2015 when my partner Tim was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Since then Eddie has played a very important role in Tim's cancer management plan. Eddie (a cancer survivor himself) is a health professional dedicated to learning all he can about cancer. Eddie is someone you should consider consulting if you want professional & positive health advice and cancer-specific strategies and products.

Thank you Eddie and Kind wishes

Tim & Jennie

Eddie has been amazing in supporting me through an extremely difficult time in my life. His knowledge and understanding of the human body and how to assist in disease prevention and fighting disease has been a pivotal part of my ongoing recovery. I would be happy to recommend Eddie to anyone who is interested in the pursuit of true health.

Q Leach, Perth

Edward is an incredible person to have on your health journey. He has so much knowledge & wisdom that he shares freely and you can truly feel comfortable discussing anything with him. I am very grateful I found his cancer program 12 months ago, he has given me my life back.

I can never Thank you enough Eddie!

Nat Firebrace

When dad was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer (tumour in bowel with metastases to the liver), our whole world was turned upside down. Nothing, not anything, can ever prepare you for hearing this news, and no-one within the conventional medical profession or naturopathic for that matter, could offer any assurance, comfort, direction or answers to the million and one questions we had. No-one, except for Edward.

Edward was a rock for dad and our family from the moment we met him, and the fact he himself is a cancer survivor, takes his empathy and approach to others on their own cancer journey to the next level. From dad's first appointment, Edward was certain dad would overcome the challenge ahead of him, and made sure dad knew it. His support of an integrative approach to healing and his total confidence in dad's ability to rid his body of the dreaded "C" word never faltered.

With Edward's support and guidance, dad learned to meditate, committed to daily walks, even when his strength was scarce, dramatically changed his diet (a difficult ask being a 71 year old Italian) and followed Edward's supplement program to the letter.

We met Edward on 4 April. Dad was diagnosed in remission on 13 August, with a follow up PET scan on 29 October reconfirming this. His oncologist was shocked at the results, happy, but shocked nonetheless.

Yes, dad worked hard to get there, but we truly believe that Edward's support was paramount to this outcome.

If you, or a loved one, has just received a cancer diagnosis, I would urge you to make an appointment with Edward as your starting point. He makes all the fear evaporate.

Edward, thank you for everything.

So.... its been a little while since I posted on here, as I have taken a little break from FB, jumping on occasionally to try and keep up to date with some of your lives… but after MUCH deliberation I have decided to share something very personal with you all with the hope that my message touches someone who may need to hear this.. so here goes…

6 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I know this will come as a shock to many of you, as it did to me too! I took a few weeks to decide what and how I was going to approach this situation and the journey ahead for me, and as such I chose to keep this whole situation quite private, only sharing with a few friends and my family. I decided to go down the road of surgery and get my lump removed, WITHOUT removing my lymph nodes (at my request) – this was in itself a difficult task to find a surgeon who would agree to doing as it is not the usual conventional medical ‘protocol’.. Following that, I was 100% clear that I wanted to have a natural, holistic approach to my healing journey without any chemotherapy or radiation therapy which is what I followed for a period of 4 months, which ended last month. Yayy!!

I cannot believe how the time has passed. How much I have learnt, felt, endured and reconnected to and what I am truly grateful for. The 4 month program I followed involved a specific nutrition plan, some fasting, heaps of meditation and supplements. However this was just a small part of the healing journey for me. The true healing has been the journey itself, the awakening to and of myself, the re-connection to parts of me and my life that I had neglected, and so much more I don’t even know where to begin to share.

Im pretty sure that everyone who reads this has been touched by this disease in one way or another. It knows no boundaries. And I know that everyone has their own personal opinions about how and what they would do, of which I COMPLETELY respect and totally understand. There is no right or wrong in my opinion about it. There is only what is right for the individual. My choice has been my saviour FOR ME. Purely because I completely believed (and still do) in myself and my choice. To me, that has got to be THE most important thing before any thing else. I know that what Im about to say may cause some of you to be upset and for that I am sorry, please know it is not my intention to upset you.

For me, I know that I wanted to understand WHY. Why my body got this disease. I knew in my heart that it was merely a messenger, communicating to me that something in my life was being ignored, or suppressed or neglected. It showed me the role stress plays within our lives and as much as I was teaching this to others, I needed to apply it to myself and my life but on a far deeper level than what I thought I was l already doing for myself..

So how I chose to approach this was to embrace cancer, look at it as my teacher, my messenger, and thank it for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to make a change to my life and myself. I had to make peace with death, had to let go of so many things I honestly now don’t know why I had invested so much time and energy into when the most important things in my life I already had in abundance right before me.. This is truly such a gift.

I have been feeling amazing and healthy, with some bouts of tiredness what with all the appointments/ activities with Doctors, my Naturopath, Chiropractor, Infrared Sauna treatments, Enemas and Colonics, Exercise/ Walking/ Hiking, Meditation, Social catch ups with friends and family, sound healing sessions, art and clay therapy, Singing, Dancing, Hiking, Ukulele and Art sessions , Pilates, Oxygen therapy, Floatation tank, Scans, blood tests, Ultrasounds, reading, researching and a whole host of other things I have dabbled and delved in throughout this journey thus far.

I have even been lucky enough to find a space to go for regular support within a group of women and men going through the cancer journey too.. a really remarkable bunch of people!! (***I have to give a massive thank you and shout out to Solaris Cancer Care which provides one of the best support services around. We are truly lucky to have this place so please read on further below..***)

All of this in itself has been like working in a full time job!! Lol!! As such I had taken a step back from my work and business and have found this to be a great help in my healing process. And having great results from my scans and tumour markers have only reinforced my faith in this path I have chosen for myself toward healing. I have rediscovered my love for teaching and doing Pilates and how much my body has missed this activity which has now become a regular part of my week. Teaching it again as well after so many years has been very fulfilling for me...

One of the biggest things I have learned is how much love and support I truly have with me. I cant even begin to speak about how many people have been there for me and supported me through this journey. I have only just in this last month started to share my journey with more people. And it just never ceases to amaze me how kind, supportive and loving all of these people have been..

However I do want to express and share my heartfelt thanks especially to my family – my husband and 2 kids who are truly my why, my rocks and my heart. Just recently I was gifted with something that truly touched me, to the point that I was bawling my eyes out even before I started watching it!! My beautiful daughter with the help from my wonderful son and husband handed me a video that was made by her. It was a collection of video messages from friends and family sending me congrats on my first milestone (end of my 4 month program/ protocol) , sending me love and well wishes for the next journey ahead for me.. I was so completely touched by this. It was just the most amazing feeling to have these personal messages of love that were spoken and sent to me. I cannot begin to say how grateful and loved I feel. So thank you (again!) to all who were a part of the video (you know who you are) and most especially thank you to my 3 favourite people in the world in this photo with me – James, Kirk and Taryn..(and my Whisky and Coco) your love and support is second to none. My heart is overflowing.

I have had sooo many people supporting me through this journey even if it has been just a text to check in, catching up for lunch/ brekky, going for walks, accompanying me to appointments to chatting on the phone.. I am forever grateful to you all. But I have to make special mention to my amazing Naturopath/Cancer Coach Eddie Enever whose expert guidance and mentoring was integral to my healing. I must also mention my dearest Holly who has always been there for me with her coaching and friendship especially at times when I needed to just share my fears, doubts and uncertainty. I have to also mention my family members Royston and Lolita, Stewart and Norma , Jackie and my in-laws who have been awesome supports, as have been a multitude of very dear friends and family both here in Perth, in Australia, and overseas… there is just too many to mention without unintentionally missing someone out!! Lol!

I also want to especially say a big thank you and acknowledge all the people who have been touched by this disease directly (some in this year as well!) who have also been there to support me during this period with words of love and encouragement.. I honour and salute each and every one of you for your courage, strength, resilience, determination and hope. You guys are my absolute true heroes and heroines!!

***My other BIG reason for sharing this post is because I would like to make a very humble request… I hope you dont mind, but my wish is that as Christmas is approaching and we get so involved in all the present giving, Secret Santas, celebrations, activities and otherwise, I would love to ask if each of you could ‘give up’ a gift that someone would usually give to you (or you to them!) to give away a donation to Solaris Cancer Care. This organisation is a Not for Profit and they provide soooo many excellent services from alternative and holistic treatments and activities to counselling and support programs and workshops to so many men and women journeying through this disease and their families and I would love it if you could all do this as they have been an amazing part of my healing journey too.. If this is something you wish to do then you just need to pay your donation to:

BSB: 036-051
ACCT # : 258786

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this means ALOT to me ***

My final message to you all in sharing this post, is that health is such a delicate and transient thing. It can change in an instant and our body’s are such magnificent creations as it is constantly looking out for us, our job is to listen and to make the necessary changes that are going to help support it. My cancer journey will continue as I forge ahead and move into new territory now, with regular checks to provide me with a marker of where my body is at, but most of all to continue giving back to myself some love and nurturing, investing in myself and surrounding myself with people who raise me up, make me laugh and who cry with me and hold me fast.. these things are and have been THE MOST IMPORTANT things that have helped me in my healing process.

Learning how we manage stress is a key component to eliminating any kind of disease within the body. Listen to the signs that our bodies speak, taking a step back and looking at HOW we are living our life. If there is ANYTHING that you are not feeling fulfilled with, happy with or if you are in a constant state of anger, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, depression, sadness, and if you have ANY kind of health issue, my message to you is to look at what is going on in your life, and make the changes to those things. Whether we take Medication or not, change our food, do fasting, take supplements, know that these are merely secondary .. it is everything else that is primary.. Because it is all of these ‘other’ things that we must find the courage to change because there truly is hidden treasure that lies beneath..

Much love and thanks to you all,

After getting a very grim diagnosis of Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer and googling my prognosis I knew I had to do something different from the people involved in these statistics. I already new that diet was important and there was other things I could do to increase my chances but there is just so much information on the internet and I knew nothing about cancer. A good friend of mine knew Edward and suggested I give him a call, I’m glad I did.

Edward took away my fears of chemotherapy and statistics related to my diagnosis on the first consultation. He tailored a regime to compliment my treatment of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy to maximize the effect of my treatment on the cancer and minimize the negative effect on my body.

Before I started treatment my health was deteriorating fast and now I am 3 cycles into my 5 cycle treatment with a 90% reduction in tumour, fit and healthy and a belief I will beat this.

Having a guy like Edward by your side while going through something like this priceless. Edward has been through it himself so he knows first hand the challenges you will face and has extensive knowledge of cancer and it’s treatments both holistic and traditional. I highly recommend this path should you find yourself in a situation like me.

Greig Ferguson 2019

I absolutely recommend Eddie. He has been instrumental in getting my brother from a grim stage 4 sarcoma cancer to being clear. He continually beat all the doctors expectations.

Thx Eddie.

I have been seeing Eddie Enever since September 2019.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at age 33 and then it came back 2.5 years in my lung (stage 4 now). I have 2 young kids, aged 7 and 9 at the time.

I strongly believe that you can't cure this disease with just chemo or radiation.

There is a reason why your body is not fighting this disease, and Eddie has helped me look at my life and make some drastic but very necessary changes.

I have been in remission since October 2019, I only see my oncologist every 3 months for a scan and that is probably the scariest thing. Because once your chemo is over, you're just sent home with a "good luck I hope I don't see you again". There is no follow up or a talk about how to prevent this cancer from coming back.

I love my oncologist, she was excellent during a very horrible time in my life.

But her job was done once chemo was over. And that's where Eddie comes in.

He has helped me change my life and habits, so that I know that I have done my best to prevent a relapse.

M, Sorrento, WA

A fortuitous meeting occurred when I was trying to source a natural stress relief medicine. The manufacturer directed me to Eddie Enever. During the initial meeting we discovered that Eddie and I shared a common recurring cancer history. Eddie offered his services as a Cancer Councillor. I have three children in the medical profession who assessed Eddie and gave me their support to take him on for four months. Two months into my four month Hyper Cvad chemotherapy treatment, Eddie has proven his worth in so many ways. He started me on a Hero's Journey. He provides emotional support as well as a huge range of services - Yoga, meditation and general information. What he provides is well in excess of what I could possibly use considering all the ups and downs of the treatment, however it allows me to select what best suits me in my hectic and debilitating regime. Without Eddie, I couldn't have remained positive and one particular meditation that he provided has continually assisted where contemporary medicine has failed. Eddie has also designed a specific diet and supplement regime which compliments the chemo regime and so far indications show that we are successfully defeating my Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I highly recommend Eddie and look forward to his continuing support during the greatest trial of my life.

"Attending Eddie's CSRT sessions has had such a dramatic impact on my mental and physical wellbeing. Eddie holds a beautiful, safe, gentle space as he guides participants through the breath, meditation and ultimately the ice bath immersion. The first time I sat in the ice my nervous system was over active and I found it very challenging. However with Eddie's support and guidance I have been able to find a place of peace within the experience now which resonates through my life. I'd highly recommend anyone intrigued by what this process can do for them, give it a try. It has proven to myself just how strong I am and that I can be at peace while maintaining my strength and resolve. Thank you Eddie" -

Nerida M, Perth, WA

"I first met Eddie when I was invited to his home in the hills to do some meditation. Never having done much meditation I was a little apprehensive but soon found that Eddie has a way of making people feel safe and secure. His guided meditations have helped me get through one of the most difficult periods in my life. Eddie also introduced me to the concept of an ice bath, which I instantly did not want to do. But with Eddie’s support and guidance and unwavering belief in me I have now done at least six ice baths. I cannot speak highly enough of Eddie and what his practices have done for me. Thank you so much Eddie it has been invaluable having you in my corner."

- Mark M, Perth, WA

"You just know when you meet one of life's true healers. Eddie is real, honest, intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable and I know that he really gets it. I thank you Eddie, I feel blessed that I was able to find you. I have so much more to learn from you and can't wait to continue to find the health and life within with your guidance."

- Fiona P, Maidavale, WA

"Eddie has been amazing in supporting me through an extremely difficult time in my life. His knowledge and understanding of the human body and how to assist in disease prevention and fighting disease has been a pivotal part of my ongoing recovery. I would be happy to recommend Eddie to anyone who is interested in the pursuit of true health."

- Quenton L, Doubleview WA

"I started ice bath immersions with Eddie a few month ago and it is one of the best decision I made for myself. After each session I feel energized, stronger and so empowered. Eddie really helped me get through my fears and push myself where I never knew I could go with clear directions and kindness. I am now ice bathing regularly to maintain the amazing physical and mental health benefits provided by the cold exposure. A life changing experience! Thanks Eddie, forever grateful."

- Marjo C, Perth, WA

The impulsive YES that changed my life.
When a friend suggested I’d get a kick out of dunking myself in ice with a bunch of strangers, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I thought I’d go along for a laugh and shake myself out of my increasingly uncomfortable, comfort zone. I saw the ice as the physical reminder of my own mental fortitude. And, I’d been searching for ways to gain some waning confidence back after a few challenging years.
What I didn’t expect, was the profound positive impact that began permeating all other areas of my life. CSRT is a game changer. It’s gifted me confidence when I’ve been lacking, space to feel the full emotional spectrum (and release it) and, acceptance of the ‘eternal now’.
It’s a powerful thing to be able to control your nervous system.
Eddie held a space filled with so much compassion, reverence and perspective. The setting felt safe and supportive as the group journeyed together, facing our stressors, our fears and ultimately ourselves.
Eddie, through his own lived experience, understands the deep, innate impact our emotions, stress response and nervous system have over our lives. By transforming his own life, he transforms ours.

Just say yes.

This is a male client in his late 60s who did chemotherapy with NORI and got a phenomenal result. Remember anything is possible and it only takes one person to prove that it is possible. Here's his wife's testimonial:

A Naturopath recommended that we see Edward Enever as he specializes in patients with cancer. My husband had pancreatic cancer that had just started to metastasize. That was about six months ago.

Edward began by providing us with practical information that no one else had ever mentioned. He told us that we could get financial and day to day help from the cancer council and even from social security. He has always been positive and provided the only "light" on our journey. He talks of saving your life and of understanding your cancer in order to destroy it.

Strap yourself in you are going on an incredible journey with Edward. He is hugely knowledgeable and very very bright. Edward gave us an enormous amount of verbal and written information about the NORI Protocol and gave us a few weeks because there is a lot to understand.

My husband then started on the NORI diet and Edwards supplements, we had already spent thousands of dollars on various infusions and supplements and we were grateful that Edwards were far cheaper.

The NORI diet is hard to stick to particularly as my husband was still doing chemo. It is very restrictive and my husband just felt progressively worse and worse but Edward didn't waver he kept saying that if my husband was suffering then his cancer was also. The chemo he was on is a particularly harsh one and I believe most of the lethargy and feeling of unwellness was due to chemo. NORI is hard but you have nothing to lose by sticking with it except of course your cancer.

Last week we had the results of my husbands latest PET scan. We are still in shock and afraid to believe it, but the scan was CLEAR. The oncologist has put my husband on a "wait and watch" program with no chemo but monthly blood tests to check his progress.

Edward now has my husband on a vegan, whole food diet with a day or two a week on the NORI diet with of course his supplements. We are hopeful and Edward has emphasized the importance now of BALANCING my husbands life, my husband is totally caught up in the practical, logical side of life and just doesn't understand anything ethereal or out of the box, but as Edward has explained, if his life becomes more balanced he has a greater chance of keeping the cancer away. My husband is starting to do this by getting back to daily meditation and of course ongoing guidance from Edward.

Edward has literally saved my husbands life.

Diana, Stirling, WA. 24/10/16

"Eddie is an incredible person to have on your health journey. He has so much knowledge & wisdom that he shares freely and you can truly feel comfortable discussing anything with him. I am very grateful I found his program 12 months ago, he has given me my life back. I can never thankyou enough Eddie!"

- Nat F, Woodvale, WA

"Going up to Eddie's is a highlight of my week. Connection, breathwork, meditation and icebath creates such a beautiful experience. Hopping in the icebath is intense for about 30 - 45 seconds then as you bring your breath under control, your body builds up this incredible energy. Then it really becomes about the mind from there. Awesome having people around that support you through it. Afterwards your body is buzzing. So many benefits on so many levels. I cant recommend this highly enough. Eddie is an amazing facilitator, he has an amazing welcoming energy and holds a great supportive space to push you through your barriers."

- Adam G, Perth, WA

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