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Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as a sacred, spiritual flower and a medicinal herb. Notably, blue lotus contains specific compounds that give it psychoactive properties. Blue lotus flowers have also been used historically for insomnia, anxiety, it’s anti-depressant qualities and as a aphrodisiac.

Unsurprisingly, the richest accounts of blue lotus flower come from Egyptian records and culture.

To the ancient Egyptians, blue lotus was a sacred plant that had connections to both Ra (the sun god) and Osiris (the god of the underworld). It was also likely a symbol of rebirth, since the petals open with the sun and close at dusk. Because of this blue lotus was frequently a part of rituals and spiritual ceremonies. It also had medicinal uses as a sedative, aphrodisiac, and possibly as a narcotic-like herb.

Today, interest in blue lotus flower mainly centers around its psychoactive properties and potential to induce mild euphoria. Many people have used blue lotus throughout the years because of its mind-altering effects (a more modern term for psychoactive). Proponents designate it as an entheogen, which is a psychoactive substance specifically used for spiritual or religious experiences.

Researchers believe that the effects of blue lotus are mainly due to the presence of two specific compounds: apomorphine and nuciferine. (1), Apomorphine is a known psychoactive compound that acts as a dopamine agonist. This means it activates dopamine receptors to produce a feeling of euphoria. Nuciferine, on the other hand, appears to induce feelings of calmness and has shown potential as an antipsychotic drug. Like most herbs, blue lotus does not just have a single effect. While it has euphoric and mind-altering properties in high doses, lower amounts of blue lotus flower appear to have more of a calming effect that may help with an anxious mood. In fact, blue lotus has been fairly popular for anxiety relief, even in ancient times, although there hasn’t been any research to date to confirm these properties.

Apomorphine, one of the compounds in blue lotus, has been used for depression and other mental health disorders in the past. It’s now mainly used to help manage symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. (2)

When taken in high enough amounts, blue lotus induces euphoria and can trigger visual hallucinations. Most accounts describe this experience as mild and lasting for a period of 2-3 hours.

Contra-indications – Those taking dopamine-related drugs should avoid blue lotus as should anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding. Please consult your primary health care physician before consuming this product. 




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