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Welcome to the Your Hero's Journey™ Podcast! Three time cancer survivor Eddie Enever showcases inspirational personal accounts of healing and introduces you to world experts in Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as well as Mind-Body Medicine to educate and inspire you to never give up, providing hope and belief in your healing journey.

This podcast is a mix of interviews of survivors and thrivers, special co-hosts, medical experts and solo shows from Eddie you’re not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe, and get ready to be inspired and informed. Always remember – If one person can heal, anybody can. It only takes one person to prove that it’s possible. Subscribe now.

Episode #006

In this episode I chat with my friend and colleauge Dani Cino. From a opiate overdose at 14 years old, a raging addiction that would smoke 40 year veterans by 16, heroin addiction, a prison sentence, CIA black out rooms, exploring and healing her trauma through a deep healing journey that involves psychedelics, cannabis and dancing with her hungry ghosts…. this is an episode you do not want to miss!!

Bonus Episode!!

In this episode I appear on the Natural Evolution Podcast over at Rebel Health Tribe interviewed by my friend and colleague in the US Michael Roesslein. We explore my journey with cancer and the growth that comes from suffering. It’s a juicy interview! Head over and subscribe to their show. Michael along with his team have created something very special so head over and  explore their work –

Episode #005 

In this episode I speak with Paul Bedson about his experience working with thousands of cancer patients in his role at the Gawler Foundation for 18 years, what he learnt from them about the disease, life and healing, as well as a deep dive in to the spirituality of meditation. Very deep stuff in this episode!!

Episode #004 

As part of the Survivor and Thriver Series, I speak with cancer survivor Craig Aird about his journey with advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosed at age sixteen and his journey back to health and creating a life full of meaning and purpose. An Inspiring tale!!

Episode #003 

In this episode I speak with Petrea King, an absolutley inspirational human with an extraordinary story of healing from advanced cancer who now serves this world in the most amazing way. A must listen!! 

Episode #002 

In this episode I speak with Bob Walter, the Board president of the Joeseph Campbell Foundation. Bob created the foundation with Joseph’s wife to preserve Joseph’s lifes work, and in this episode I speak about the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell and how his work can help us live our lives. 

The Hero with a Thousand Faces is the title of the seminal work of Joseph Campbell and is copyrighted by the Joseph Campbell Foundation.”

Episode #001 

I hope you enjoy the first episode as I have an epic conversation with my beloved Ronni about my journey surviving advanced metastatic cancer, how the podcast came into being, and what to expect from upcoming episodes.

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