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    “This eBook is essential reading if you want to take control of your journey with cancer and build a holistic, comprehensive and integrative approach to your treatment and create your own statistics”

    Eddie Enever

    Perth, WA

    What you get:

    A diagnosis of cancer is one of the most terrifying and overwhelming experiences one can go through. Surrounding yourself with an experienced team is, in my opinion, essential to ensure the best outcome for you. I wrote this eBook especially for people like your who find themself facing cancer. This eBook details the way I approach cancer in creating an integrative holistic approach to cancer care. I hope you find it helpful

    What is it all about?

    With the exception of a few specific cancers, there is a real need for a more advanced, comprehensive, and integrative approach that is customised for each unique individual.

    Integrative oncology brings together experts in the fields of traditional mainstream medicine, complementary medicine and mind-body medicine to form a healthcare team dedicated to supporting you in more ways than one, on your journey with cancer. By truly understanding the patient, integrative oncology is a more informed, comprehensive, multi-targeted and individualised approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. This eBook is your guide to this approach.