Dancing with Hungry Ghosts

From a opiate overdose at 14 years old, a raging addiction that would smoke 40 year veterans by 16, heroin addiction, a prison sentence, CIA black out rooms, exploring and healing her trauma through a deep healing journey that involves psychedelics, cannabis and dancing with her hungry ghosts…. this is an episode you do not want to miss!!

In this episode I chat with Dani Cino who has learnt most of what she knows from her own journey through opiate addiction, trauma and the process she’s had to go through to heal from and maintain her long term recovery from this experience.

Dani last used heroin in September 2012 and her own life has been her greatest educator and teacher. Dani’s experience with the many incomplete modalities and systems in the mainstream recovery culture that tend to focus on masking symptoms rather than root-cause resolution and healing has fueled her passion for the need for trauma-informed support as well as alternatives to prescription medications for those struggling with chronic pain and opiate addiction.

As part of her healing journey, her interest in the application in the medicinal use of cannabis for chronic pain management has allowed her to train with some of the most well established cannabis dispensaries in California, where she has held every position the cannabis industry has to offer, working 1:1 with hundreds of clients over the last 9 years mitigating their pain.

Dani is a Phytotherapy Consultant specializing in the use of CBD and Cannabis medicine as a holistic alternative to prescription medications for chronic pain management, as well as the use of these holistic plant medicines to help opioid dependent users in detox from their opiate of choice. Dani is well versed in the use of cannabis as an alternative to opiate maintenance programs, a natural and safer substitute to Methadone or Suboxone regiments. Dani also specialize in custom microdose schedules to address the depression and anxiety that comes hand in hand with addiction.


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