Inspired Energy Podcast Interview

Here's a throwback to a podcast interview with Murray Guest on the Inspired Energy Podcast. https://anchor.fm/murrayguest/episodes/Episode-35---Eddie-Enever-Naturopath--Cancer-Coach--Meditation-Teacher-e8iv07

Can You Feel the Feels – Part 2

In my last blog I introduced to you a key concept that I have been exploring in my year-long program with Dr Gabor Mate, MD. In this article, we explored something that I see all too commonly in my clinic - why people cannot connect to their emotional self, feel empty...

Can You Feel the Feels?

Do you struggle to express your emotions, instead holding back to not impact others? Do you feel numbness or emptiness when it comes to your mental and emotional health? Is it hard to find a sense of gratitude, even though you have so much to be thankful for? How easy...

Podcast with Kealen Harrington

Here's my latest podcast interview with Kealen Harrington from the Going the Ultra Mile Podcast. We had a great exploration into health, the multi-generational nature of stress and trauma, breathwork, meditation and much more. It was a great interview. Many thanks to...


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