What happens in vagus…

I've been writing a lot around stress these last few weeks in the attempt to get you to deeper appreciate what stress is, what forms it can take, how much stress you might actually be under, and most importantly, that you can do something about stress, the way you...

45 Minute Guided Vipassana Meditation with Burgs

Burgs is one of my all time favourite mediation teachers. There's something about his voice, his heart and the energy and humour he brings to his dharma talks and meditations that just rings true and hits home in powerful ways. Enjoy this 45 minute Vipassana guided...

Cancer, Healing and the Spirituality of Meditation with Paul Bedson

#005 - In this episode I speak with Paul Bedson about his experience working with thousands of cancer patients, what he learnt from them about the disease, life and healing, as well as a deep dive in to the spirituality of meditation.Paul had his own practice as an...

45 Minute Body Awareness Meditation

A deep 45 minute journey into your body and essence that transmits a deep sense of relaxation. Perfect for nourishing your health, happiness and healing journey.


Hi my name is Eddie. I am committed to educating and empowering individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to break the multi-generational nature of trauma and stress so they can live life to their full potential.


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