Medicine in Pain

In this episode I appear on the Natural Evolution Podcast over at Rebel Health Tribe interviewed by my friend and colleague in the US Michael Roesslein. We explore my journey with cancer and the growth that comes from suffering. It's a juicy interview! Head over and...

Cancer, Healing and the Spirituality of Meditation with Paul Bedson

#005 - In this episode I speak with Paul Bedson about his experience working with thousands of cancer patients, what he learnt from them about the disease, life and healing, as well as a deep dive in to the spirituality of meditation.Paul had his own practice as an...

Survivor and Thriver Craig Aird

#004 - At the age of sixteen Craig was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This turned his family’s life upside down. Upon finishing a year of chemo, he was given the heartbreaking news that his cancer was deeper than the doctors thought. After another successful round...

When The Body Says No In Psychotherapy

This is one of my all time favourite lectures that Gabor gives and I recommend everyone who wants to understand the nature of health, healing and happiness make time to watch in its entirety. The video is 1 hour 20minutes long but well worth your investment in time....


Hi my name is Eddie. I am committed to educating and empowering individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to break the multi-generational nature of trauma and stress so they can live life to their full potential.


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