Cancer, Healing and the Spirituality of Meditation with Paul Bedson

#005 – In this episode I speak with Paul Bedson about his experience working with thousands of cancer patients, what he learnt from them about the disease, life and healing, as well as a deep dive in to the spirituality of meditation.

Paul had his own practice as an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist and counsellor for 15 years. He worked as a therapist and group therapy facilitator at Camp Eden Health Retreat, Currumbin Valley for 15 years before moving to the Gawler Foundation as senior therapist in 2002 and worked as a health educator, group therapist , meditation teacher and counsellor for 18 years.

Any listeners that would like to connect with Paul for individual coaching/counselling can email him for details at

Anyone interested in joining his online sangha (spiritual healing community) can also contact him for details via email to

Anyone interested in doing a meditation retreat or meditation teachers’ training can go to the Quest for Life website at for information. His meditation retreat is entitled Return to Peace.


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