Be supported by a three time cancer survivor who deeply understands the journey with cancer

"It only takes one person to prove that it's possible. If I can do it, that means YOU CAN TOO!" - Eddie Enever

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the scariest, most confronting times of your life. You are met with your mortality, maybe for the first time, and it can cripple you.  The journey takes off on you. Appointment after appointment, tests, scans, treatment dates set… no time to think, to get fully informed as to the options available to you to optimise your care.

I know how you are feeling. I was there. In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and my life changed in an instance, never to be the same again. Over a two year period I had three relapses and at my worst I had a 9cm x 8cm x 3cm tumour in my abdomen, 2 tumours in my chest, 2 under my collar bone, 1 in my neck and 1 in my lung. I had advanced metastatic cancer and because of all the unsuccessful treatment I had had, to top it all off, it was chemo resistant too.

Out of necessity I had to look deeply into why I was unwell. Not just what was wrong with me, by WHY it was wrong with me. I had to make big changes to the way I lived my life, the way in which I perceived the world I lived in and make drastic changes to the way I approached my cancer care. I had to explore complementary options outside of my traditional mainstream oncology treatment, because it just wasn’t working. And I had testicular cancer, the most treatable of all cancers.

The key to my success was a holistic, integrative approach to my oncological care. I couldn’t just stick all my eggs into one basket, the chemo basket. It wasn’t working for me, I had to look broader. I needed to look into the deeper aspects of why I was unwell, looking outside of the body, to my life whilst supporting my oncology care with the best evidence based complementary therapies.

On my cancer journey, through my own research and necessity, I was exposed to many alternative and complementary therapies. My knowledge of potential therapies and how to combine them into a comprehensive integrative program is one of my strongest attributes and the formulation of a comprehensive program for you to follow is one of the ways I can be of highest service to you. I’ve helped hundreds of clients to traverse the cancer journey. From prevention, diagnosis, to treatment or end of life transition, I am highly skilled to help you on your journey with cancer.

I lost a lot of things from being diagnosed with cancer, but I also gained something really special – a purpose. That purpose is to help someone like you on your journey with cancer to ensure the best possible outcome.

I encourage you to take the next step with me and click the button below to schedule your FREE 30 minute exploratory call TODAY.

I look forward to supporting and working with you.

Yours Eddie


A diagnosis of cancer is easily one of the scariest and overwhelming times of your life. With the excess of information out there in “cyberspace” it’s easy to get totally confused and overwhelmed with what to do and what to take to support your diagnosis. This is essential viewing!


Surrounding yourself with a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals is essential to ensure the best result possible. You’re driving the bus back to health, but who else should be on that bus? Who do you need to surround yourself with and how do they need to interact to work as a team? Find out in this video!


To ensure the best result possible you cannot treat your diagnosis like everyone else’s diagnosis. You must go above and beyond and create your own statistics and prognosis. To do this we need to understand your cancer and the best way to treat it and combine the best medical and complementary care into a comprehensive, holistic approach.

Integrative Oncology

With the exception of a few specific cancers, there is a real need for a more advanced, comprehensive, and integrative approach that is customised for each unique individual. Integrative oncology brings together experts in the fields of traditional mainstream medicine, complementary medicine and mind-body medicine to form a healthcare team dedicated to supporting you in more ways than one, on your journey with cancer.

By truly understanding the patient, integrative oncology is a more informed, comprehensive, multi-targeted and individualised approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. This eBook is your guide to this approach.

Your Hero's Journey

Cancer Support Program

To create extraordinary outcomes for your health you need a plan and guidance. In response to this I created the Your Hero’s Journey Cancer Support Program and Community.

This program is the culmination of all of my personal and professional experience working with hundreds of cancer patients and some of the best teachers and mentors in the world.

This program is in the form of an ONLINE platform that delivers everything you need to be supported on your healing journey including videos, resources, movies, book recommendations and an exclusive Facebook support group where we interact.

This program is all about equipping you with the knowledge and skills to take control over your health journey and create your own statistics. Better statistics, to be the outlier, the one that gets the extraordinary results, that gets your oncologist asking questions about what you are doing.

Launches January 1st, 2023!

Naturopathic Oncology Yoga (online series)

Follow along in the comfort of your own home with this online series of specifically designed yoga flows for someone with a diagnosis of cancer or any other chronic disease.

This yoga flow series is a gentle, deeply nourishing, heart opening series perfect for the complete novice or someone with prior experience with yoga.


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